scalp micro pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non surgical technique that is safeand effective for both men and women. This is an alternative hair loss solution for those not wanting implants, or may have already tried other solutions that have not worked and want something with immediate results with little to no down time. We use specially designed micro needles to place pigment into the affected areas of the scalp. This in turn creates the look of tiny hair follicles.

Pigment is mixed and customised to your skin colour and type so we can blend into existing hairline, and crown areas depending on whats neededin each individual case. Go to our FAQ page for more information.

This procedure is suitable for all skin types and colours, and can be effective solution for all stages of hair loss. To create a natural appearance this usually takes place over 2-3 session, building up density each time and adjusting the colour and hairline to your desired look. Scalp Micropigmentation is a very cost and time efficient procedure.

SMP is an instant solution for both men and women weather you have,thinning hair, pattern baldness, scarring, alopecia and more. Our clinic is a 1-1 environment to provide ultimate privacy and attention from our technicians. We also have a discreet entrance with parking near by.

Treatment is typically completed across 2-3 sessions. Below, we’ll take you through the process step-by-step:

  1. Your initial consultation appointment is first. Consultations can be done in-person, over the phone, Email, Whatsapp and Instagram, in order to gain an understanding of what results you want to achieve from your treatment. We will guide you through the process including aftercare, and help you decide which procedure is best for you. We then create a plan of action, setting out what is required to reach your goal and get the results you desire.

  2. Next, treatment begins. It’s best to be conservative on your first treatment in order to achieve the optimal end result. This initial session is to lay the foundation of your new look. After the first treatment, your scalp will be a little red, but within a single day this typically returns to normal.

  3. The second treatment allows us to fill in more detail and go a shade darker than your initial session. This session is where your treatment really comes to life, and your new look is perfected. Any concerns, questions or requests will be handled in this period.

  4. The third treatment is optional, with a longer waiting time between sessions to let the scalp heal. This time is either for those wanting to go a shade darker, or if your practitioner finds another session is needed to complete your look. A large majority of clients just need two as long as they properly maintain their look.

  5. Touch-up and Aftercare, it is important to take the necessary steps after your treatment to ensure that you get the best results. Touch-ups very 4-6 years will maintain your look.

All needles are single use, sterile and in sealed packaging and are disposable meaning they are only used once and thrown away.

Pigments used are of the highest quality, pass health and safety regulations and are specially made for Scalp Pigmentation this means they will not turn blue or green.

Any equipment that is not disposable is sterilized fully after every client.

Strict regulations are followed to meet Council and Insurance standards

"After having SMP treatment myself and being amazed and over joyed by the results, i decided to perform this life changing procedure for others."
Nic Palmer
Head Practitioner